This page provides general accommodation tips

(NB please see Blog post, 16 Jan 2015, for some transport information and ideas).

I can offer ideas for where to stay and provide more detailed information for specific requests from tour customers. Please do ask. Meanwhile, here are some general tips.

It’s worth remembering that prices do vary during the year and that the UK school holidays, especially July and August, will be the most expensive. If you are prepared to travel out of season you may find a very good deal. For example holiday cottages can cost half as much for a week-long stay.  On the other hand, some of the key attractions close-down for the winter. Tinatgel Castle for example, is only open at the weekends. Many National Trust houses currently close for most of the winter months. Although improvements in winter opening times are afoot.  

  1. Self-catering cottages are a ‘home from home’ option. Often very well appointed, with all you could need for a week’s stay. Choose one near a good pub that does food and you won’t even need to cook! Top-tip for pubs – those in The CAMRA Good Beer Guide are there on merit. It’s not possible to pay for an entry in the guide, and if the beer is good then everything else tends to follow. CAMRA is The Campaign for Real Ale.
  2. Bed and Breakfast (B&B) providers can be a good budget option, offering great breakfasts that set you up for the day. Then you are free to eat out the rest of the time. In Tintagel and Boscastle a good number of our B&Bs have a five star rating from Visit Britain.
  3. Cornwall also boasts some fantastic hotels with great facilities, including golf-courses, spas and top rated restaurants. There are a number of these along the North Cornwall Coast and elsewhere in the county.
  4. Smaller hotels and pubs/inns with B&B rooms may offer evening meals and en-suite rooms, but may not have the extra options of their larger counterparts.     

If you would like to come on a Cornish Heritage Safaris tour for a day or more, I would be pleased to give suggestions and advice about where to stay. Some of the loveliest B&Bs have hardly any internet presence and it can be difficult to sort through all of the options. But I know where they are!

Both Tintagel and Boscastle village are great bases for Cornish Heritage Safari tours. Both have a variety of holiday accommodation and boast many five star B&Bs.  

One advantage of choosing to stay in Tintagel is maximising the day’s tour time. Cornish Heritage Safaris is based in the village of Tintagel on Cornwall's North Coast. Tintagel benefits from the most amazing and dramatic coastal scenery including the ruined castle. Much of the area is designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). If you stay here we don't even need transport, a walking tour is a great option.

I also recommend the village of Boscastle. Boscastle is a charming fishing village with a natural harbour and stunning high cliffs on either side. Just visiting for a few hours is a holiday in itself.

If you require advice about where to stay while you are touring with us, I will be happy to suggest places that I know and trust.  

I can suggest a holiday package to suit you, including safaris and accommodation, and should be able to provide or arrange transfers between railway stations and airports. Just tell me what you are looking for during your stay. Also please see my blog entry London to Cornwall Tours, for information on how to get here.

I am often approached by accommodation providers from all over Cornwall asking to be listed on this page. But these requests are for accommodation that I have never visited! And so, for a number of reasons I have decided no longer to post links for places to stay. This is with the exception of a couple of local favourites listed below.


Here are just a few plugs!

King Arthur's Arms Inn, Tintagel, has really great facilities f.or disabled guests and it's in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide!   

We love the Wellington Hotel in Boscastle, near Tintagel.

Some of the best photographs on our website are by kind permission of the North Shore Gallery. You can find the gallery online, or we can pop in while we are on safari around Tintagel.

Our beautiful illustrations are by Elizaveta Tretyakova.

Wellington Hotel
Sharp's Brewery
North Shore Gallery