Bodmin Moor: Mysteries, Monuments and Murder

This day out includes ten or more locations on on Bodmin Moor. The tour has developed over the last few years to offer a variety of options for our guests.   

We can also include a local wine tasting, morning coffee and lunch.

There are signs of ancient human habitation on Bodmin Moor. There are stone huts and field boundaries built for the living, and burial cairns and barrows for the dead. Stone circles and standing stones have been erected for purposes that we can only wonder at today. Beautiful man-made objects have been discovered, hinting at a flourishing ancient culture in what can now seem a bleak environment.

The rich geology of Cornwall has also yielded natural treasures from the ground. Industry flourished where copper, tin, stone and clay were available. Sometimes these were easy to find, but sometimes immense financial investment and human endeavour were required. The ruins of engine houses used in mining have become a classic symbol of the area.

Juxtaposed with the ruins of Cornwall's industrial age are Bronze Age monuments and the natural geological wonders of the Cornubian batholith (granite tors). Our trips interpret the landscape and help you enjoy its dramatic beauty. We can stand inside the stone circles and try to feel their power, while we consider the theories and stories put forward to explain them. Or maybe you'll have your own ideas?

On this tour we also visit the site of a Victorian murder and hear a tale of human tragedy. The moor and its people have inspired literature for generations, and a poetic reading might be on the cards.

Bodmin Moor holds many mysteries and we also visit a site that still remains open to interpretation and is yet to be excavated.

At the end of the tour we can sample some locally made produce. Camel Valley Vineyard has won many international awards for its wines, benefiting from the special local character of the area and its climate.

The all-inclusive price covers all transport, entrance fees, coffee, lunch and the wine-tasting.

Please note that Bodmin Moor is privately owned open land, with many protective designations. Public access to this open land is allowed under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. However, commercial access is restricted. Therfore, in a few places it may be necessary for the guide to direct you to a nearby point of interest and not accompany you to it. But don't worry we will not abandon you on the moor!