Eden Project
Eden Project and Ancient Projects

Cornwall's industrial heritage can be seen in the ruined engine houses and abandoned quarries scattered throughout the county. Even the world-famous Eden Project is located in giant clay pits left behind as the clay was taken from the ground. The raw material for china clay is a natural product from the weathering of local granite. This is the rock that shapes Bodmin Moor and runs in a spine through Cornwall from Land’s End to Devon and into the granite tors of Dartmoor.

The Eden Project's botanical delights attract so many visitors that it can be very busy indeed. Let us take the strain by getting your tickets for you and taking you there nice and early. After a morning spent at Eden, we'll take you for lunch and then show you some ancient wonders nearby.

Roche Rock has its own legends — not surprising given its spectacular appearance — and then we take you to a local church set in unusual surroundings. We then visit a huge Iron Age hill fort linked to the Arthurian legend. When Igraine, King Arthur's mother, was hidden away at the stronghold of Tintagel, her husband Gorlois was defeated by King Arthur's father, Uther Pendragon, leaving the way clear for Merlin's magic to work its spell. The fort we visit has been suggested as the site of Gorlois’ defeat and Uther Pendragon's victory. The outer ramparts of its earthworks are 800 metres long.

Some Cornish attractions feel as if they are over-run with people, especially in the summer, but this place is often quiet and offers a chance to reflect on the special ‘pull’ that ancient Kernow has on many of us.

As usual, the all-inclusive price of this tour covers all transport and entrance fees, as well as lunch, tea and coffee.