King Arthur
King Arthur's Footsteps

So much has been written about the legend of King Arthur, and so many places are associated with his name, that you could spend a lifetime studying the Arthurian myth. But if anywhere can truly claim the ‘sleeping’ king, it must be Cornwall. Here he seems to be held in the landscape, and here we can piece together fragments of his story.

Back in 1113 there was a riot in Bodmin when the visiting Canons of Laon dared to suggest that the ‘once and future king’ might not be alive. King Arthur meant a great deal to the Cornish, and his legacy spread through time and space far beyond ancient Kernow.

In Tintagel, despite the commercialism, we can sometimes feel the power of this ancient ruler in the very rock beneath our feet. Merlin's power also seems to linger in the crashing waves and entering Merlin's cave can be a moving experience and not for the faint hearted. 

Tintagel Castle is a tangible link to the Arthurian past. Today we can explore its ruins in the knowledge that all is not as it seems, and that layers of history inhabit the site. Even now, new theories are being put forward about the true significance of Tintagel Island and the castle ruins.

The King Arthur Tour has expdanded to five sites directly associated with the great Dark Age leader, plus three other stops that can't be missed.

Our tour starts outside St Materiana’s church, perched high on the cliff, and includes a morning at Tintagel Castle before lunch, followed by visits to other locations central to the Arthurian story. These include the site of King Arthur's last battle, The Battle of Camlann at Slaughterbridge, and the final resting place of his sword Excalibur. On the way we can visit the site of a legend describing the spooky appearance of a round table on midsummer's night.

But that’s not all. We also visit a location inspired by the Arthurian legends but built in relatively modern times. And we give you morning coffee/drinks, lunch and if there’s time we will visit the location most associated with Daphne du Maurier's novel Jamaica Inn. The all-inclusive price covers all transport, entrance fees, coffee, lunch etc.

The King Arthur Tour now also includes the watefall at St Nectan's Glen and a few other stops along the way. 

Our tours cater for a maximum of six guests, so we can be flexible with our itinerary. But note that during very strong winds — and on weekdays throughout the winter — Tintagel’s castle island is closed, in which case we may visit an alternative castle.