National Trust, North Cornwall

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National Trust Spring Meeting

Last week North Cornwall National Trust staff and managers gathered together to review the previous year, look at the challenges ahead of us and learn more about conservation work at Trevose and Pentire/Pentire Glaze.

I work part-time for the National Trust in Tintagel, when I’m not touring with Cornish Heritage Safaris. It’s really inspirational to meet colleagues and see the bigger picture, how the charity is protecting special places.

Trevose and Pentire, North Cornish Coast

The National Trust land at Trevose and Pentire is being restored to a more natural balance. Both of these areas comprise coastal farm-land, with spectacular views and public access rights. Farming is to continue at a sustainable level, encouraging rare plant species that rely on careful management of agricultural activities. Public access is being improved, with new gates, signs, fences and infrastructure helping to make important changes to the appearance of the areas. Careful selection of both materials and their design softens the impact of any of the man-made structures.

A successful application by the National Trust will see electricity cables buried and the removal of overhead pylons. This will restore the views across the bay. The work will be carried out and funded by a private power company and is estimated at a value of £189 000. National Trust finances will not be impacted.Orchard at Pentire, North Cornwall Coast

The orchard at Pentire is already being managed for wildlife by NT rangers, with a view to future visitors also enjoying access.

Some farm buildings at Pentire are historically and architecturally significant; and although not currently listed by English Heritage, they will be treated as such. Sympathetic restoration and change of use is planned. Some modern agricultural buildings, now at their end of life, will be removed. New public lavatories will include a state-of-art facility for disabled access and use.

A new holiday cottage has just been made available.

Legacy Gifts

Membership of the National Trust has now reached five million, an important milestone. Although 50% of people remain unaware that the organisation is a charity, rich in assets, but existing only to conserve and protect special places. We learned about the importance of legacy bequests, an essential part of National Trust income. Trevose Head was acquired through generous legacies and apparently, Cornwall and the Cornish Coast are popular choices for bequests to be directed towards. It was good to understand that all legacy money goes to support conservation work and is not spent on staff wages, or heating offices etc.

Plastic Bottles

Amazing news that in Cornwall the National Trust has decided to phase out the sale of all single use plastic bottles. I expect that within the next few months they will disappear from shops and cafes.