Snow in Cornwall 2019

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The view from the Land Rover Defender as we travel home to Tintagel, Cornwall
on 31 January 2019

On 31 January 2019, North Cornwall was hit by sudden and heavy snowfall. Snow warnings had been given, but many people were taken by surprise – including me! Snow is pretty rare in Cornwall but when it comes it can be dramatic. In 2018 we had the ‘Beast from the East’ which came a bit later in the year. Today as I’m writing it’s sunny and quite warm in Tintagel.

On 31 January this year I was in Wadebridge. The town had ground to a halt, with abandoned cars littering the roads. In Bodmin, students stayed the night in their school and on the A30, one hundred stranded drivers slept at Jamaica Inn!

Lucky for me and the dogs, the Defender got us home with a little help from the locals on Trewarmett hill. I gave a few lifts to people on the way and made some new friends.

There’s a little more about the story on Facebook.